Hustle Culture

We live in a hustle culture. 

The hard work. The grind. The long hours. The finish line that’s always moving. 

We’ll earn our right to existence, damn it, even if it kills us. 

Here’s the thing: Hustle isn’t inherently good or bad. It’s a skill. When applied at the right moments, it can push you through for the win. At the right moment, it is hands down one of the best skills in your life toolkit. 

But just like a hammer isn’t the right tool for every home repair project, hustle isn’t inevitably the right approach for your problem. 

There are other life skills that are just as useful. Learning to walk slowly through a crowd. Noticing the contributions of others and celebrating them. Laughter. Empathy. Rest. Words of encouragement. Words of forgiveness. 

Use hustle when it’s the right tool. Probably best not to make it your default setting. 

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