17 Life Lessons from 2022

2022 was another year of life lessons. Below are 17 highlights. They’re a mix of questions I ask myself regularly, truths I remind myself of, and observations that push me to keep getting better. They’re not necessarily new, but they all challenge me to live better, prioritize, and focus on meaningful things.

In no particular order…

1. What small thing could shift right now and result in exponential growth? What do I need to do to make that happen?

2. Do my habits today align with my goals of tomorrow?

3. Forcing things doesn’t work. At the same time, don’t say someone else’s “no” for them.

4. The best attitudes, habits, and energy inputs will never be enough to help you thrive in a toxic environment. Have the courage to leave when you need to.

5. While there are complex things in life, the things that matter most are usually simple. They’re simple, and they’re hard. When something seems complicated or overwhelming, sometimes I just need to take a step back and ask myself what’s hard about the situation that I’m trying to avoid.

6. Learning to face the demands of reality is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and everyone who loves you.

7. Be a safe place for others.

8. Physical connection is anchoring.

9. Be intentional about drawing out the best in others. The world is full of incredible people who will you surprise you, and lots of those people are already in your circle.

10. Purposefully seek out people who are different from you, who look different, have different lifestyles, believe different things, whose life experiences feel unfamiliar. Ask questions and listen.

11. Speak less.

12. If something doesn’t scare me at least a little, I’m probably not growing.

13. Being busy is easy. Meaningful simplicity is hard. It’s also freedom.

14. Say no. A lot.

15. We have our freedom, and others have theirs. Be the kind of person who celebrates and honors others’ freedom.

16. Everything worthwhile is uphill. Learn to love walking uphill.

17. Sometimes you just need to crawl into bed, pull the covers over your head, and admit that it’s all too much – today. That’s okay. Growth is hard. Go to sleep, and try again tomorrow.

What did 2022 teach you?

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