Below average work

“Half of everything I’ve ever done is below my own average.”

I laughed out loud when I heard that phrase. Yet the thought burrowed its way into my brain where it’s been wiggling around ever since.

Because of course. And how freaking annoying.

Half of everything I do is below my own average. Same goes for you. If you’re the type of person who approaches life with intention, embracing growth and the learning that is necessary to improve on a continual basis, it’s easy to get discouraged, because a lot of what we try ends up being “below average” and below our own ever-rising standard of the person we want to become.

Maybe the enemy isn’t the below average work but our own lack of consistency in continuing to produce important work. We need to keep doing the work, even when it’s “below average,” because that’s what produces growth, and over time our own bar of “average” rises higher and higher. Our incredible work gets stronger, better, and impacts more people. Our below average work still feels just as shitty, but it gets better over time, too.

When we see a bar at a level 10 and know our own work at the moment is a level 3, it stings. But level 3 isn’t the enemy. It’s a stepping stone.

Don’t stay at level 3. But judging yourself because you have to walk up the mountain to reach the summit is kind of ridiculous.

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