Becoming the kind of person who does hard things

John Maxwell has a saying that “Everything worth doing is uphill. Learn to love walking uphill.” 

Somewhere along the way, after years of trying to put this into practice (and sliding backwards on my ass more times than I care to admit), I realized something about myself. 

I’m the kind of person who does hard things. 

I think I’ve been a fairly courageous person most of my life. But let me tell you what. The younger versions of me had some powerful avoidance skills. 

Yet it turns out that walking uphill – doing hard things – much like other skills in life, gets easier with practice. 

Or maybe it doesn’t get easier. Maybe we get stronger. 

Any way you go, there’s a level of self-respect that comes with the realization that you’re the kind of person who does hard things. 

If you’re ahead of me on this journey, I salute you. Thanks for being a model I can look up to. 

If you’re still working on it, be encouraged. You really do make progress with time, intention, and practice. 

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