Tiffany Aurora

About Me
I’m a writer, storyteller, and podcaster.

Sometimes I tell my own stories, the autobiographical ones. Sometimes I share the stories in my head, stories about far away planets, magical creatures, and enemies at war with each other.

And then sometimes, I get to have conversations with other people doing brave work, and together we explore their stories.

I live in Baltimore, but I’ve been around, having lived in Michigan, Yemen, DC, and NYC. I love cultures, people, art, and entrepreneurship. I also love coffee. Under “facts you didn’t need to know,” I thought about naming this company Caffeinated Audio instead of Tiffany Aurora Studios, and if the only thing I did was podcasting, I probably would have gone with it.

At any rate…

I craft original stories and interviews. Check out my work below, or get in touch if you’re interested in working together on a podcast, project, or event.

If you love science fiction, fantasy, or military sci fi, check out my series The Chronicles of the Survivors of Johanum. Isolation, the first book in the series, is now available for purchase. Desire, the sequel to Isolation, is due out in December.

Entrepreneurs & Artists podcast
If you love listening in on a good conversation, the Entrepreneurs & Artists podcast is for you. During each episode, I sit down and have a heart to heart with someone doing new and brave work in business and/or the arts. These are people who are continually pushing themselves to learn, grow, and evolve, and so far I’ve learned something new from every single person on the show.

Hire Me to Create and Produce Your Podcast
Podcasts are a lot of work, but when done well, they position businesses and executives as thought leaders within their industry. For associations and nonprofits, they’re a great way to build community among members, boards, donors, and constituents. And if you simply have the good old-fashioned marketing need of producing more original content, podcasts are a powerful medium that can easily be incorporated into your existing content production schedule.

I can design and launch a new podcast for you, or take over as host and producer of an existing show. Interested? Drop me an email.

Hire Me as a Speaker
If you’re looking for a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator to share a customized presentation on storytelling, interviewing, powerful questions, or community building, reach out.

Hire Me as an Emcee, Interviewer, or Facilitator for Your Next Event
If you need someone to jump in as an emcee or interviewer at your next event, or if you’re looking to hire an external facilitator for a meeting, project, or focus group, get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope we’ll see each other soon.


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