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Agile Storytellers of Baltimore

Agile Storytellers of Baltimore is an active community of warmhearted, offbeat, creative, and focused writers. We value continual learning, growth, innovation, and finishing the freaking story.

Founded in August 2021, Agile Storytellers is primarily composed of novelists and screenwriters. Any storyteller who is looking for a community and thinks they would benefit from our structure is welcome to join.

Weekly Writing Blitzes

Writing Blitz: A two-hour writing intensive comprised of a series of 20-minute writing sprints and 10-minute breaks.

We begin with (very) short summaries of what each person is working on that day, followed by a 20-minute writing sprint, then a 10-minute movement / conversation break. The sprints and breaks are repeated (usually four times) until we hit the 2-hour mark. Writers often stick around after the blitz to connect, discuss their stories, and banter about life.

Blitzes are most beneficial to writers who have a specific project they’re already working on and who need a focused space to simply sit down and do the work. It’s also a great way to meet and connect with other writers.

Saturday Writing Blitzes (Baltimore – Remington)
Saturdays from 1-3pm
R House (301 W. 29th Street, Baltimore, MD)

Tuesday Writing Blitzes (Baltimore – Harbor East)
Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30pm
Starbucks Reserve Bar (615 S. President Street, Baltimore, MD)

Wednesday Writing Blitzes (Towson)
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm
The Bun Shop (40 W. Chesapeake Ave, Towson, MD)

Drop-ins are welcome, but signing up is encouraged so that you’ll be notified of the occasional cancellation.

When you get to the venue, look for a table with two hourglasses filled with colored sand. That’s us.

Monthly Writers Collective

Writers Collective: An informal gathering that features a presentation or facilitated time of learning/play, followed by open space for socializing and/or working together on a collective project.

Our monthly writers collectives are on hiatus for the summer. They will resume in September.

Agile Storytellers Worldwide (an online community)

Agile Storytellers Worldwide is an online community of writers from all over the world who meet regularly to develop their storylines, improve their craft, and get shit done.

If you want to meet and get to know more writers, become a more compelling storyteller, and make use of online tools that will help you visualize and develop your story, this community may be for you.

Launching Summer 2023

Scrum Team Intensives

Scrum Team Intensives help you visualize and build the skeleton of your story over the course of 30 days. We do this by using several scrum and agile practices common in the tech industry. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other writers on their own growth journeys. You’ll also learn skills for identifying and addressing barriers to your own writing practice.

Launching Fall 2023

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