The Battle for Souls

Once upon a time, as the great historical year of 2019 drew to a close, the gods who ruled earth became bored.

It wasn’t one of their better gambles, but they were drunk. After an all-night party, they agreed to a bet: they would pit the nations of the world against each other and see who won.

The battle for souls would last seven years. There was only one rule: The gods could influence world events, but they could not use any of their powers beyond the power of persuasion. Humans must do all the real work.

The winning nation would rule earth. The god who bet on the winner would be allowed to take on human form for a year, walk amongst the world’s poor damned souls, and meddle however he or she liked.

It was the ultimate Battle for Souls.

The Battle for Souls is a web novel, with a new chapter published weekly. Patreon community members get advance access.

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